Venicia in the Cause of Aircraft

girl with telekinesis uses her powers to cause airplanes to crash. A strange, apocalyptic glimpse at the end of the age, as seen through the lives of Laura Atwood and her daughter Venicia, a girl born with a unique, grand scale telekinetic ability. Laura’s bleak, frustrated voice is the picture of single, suburban motherhood in the post modern era.

Fed up with the phoniness and materialism of suburban life, Laura moves from the suburbs to the outskirts of Topeka, Kansas, to a small farmhouse on the open prairie. In their isolated house on the plains, Laura discovers her daughter’s terrifying telekinetic ability, and is powerless to stop her from affecting the world in a disastrous and devastating manner. In a voice replete with dark revelation, Laura provides a disturbing look at a mother’s secret, at the heart of the modern mother daughter dynamic uncovered, while dealing with her daughter’s otherworldly power, and her growing ability to cause end of the world cataclysm.

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