ELIZABETHAN  Vol. 4 (The Book of Sarah)
No. 486

The Two Faces of Emily Dickinson

One is the Belle of Amherst
Shy, fearful of the world
A prisoner of verses
Drowned in sweetness too complete to know

She looks through living eyes--
Eyes imagining the world she could never see
Having fear of its inevitable end
Passions unknown and unnurtured

Having love for a father of the world
Crying for a mother's love unrequited
Whose veins flow with the spirit of loving kindness
And fear

This is the Face of Life

There is another...
The face who hides inside the mirror
This is the Queen of Wicked Verse
Spinning words like a demon

Spitting words of hidden venom and atrocity
Abominations laced in beauty
Corruption hidden in flowers
Lust and lasciviousness--

Perversions beyond depravity
Covered in pulchritudinous prose
This is the evil eye
The face which understands

The face of unearthly boldness
Gazing a line through cultured civility
Knowing the evil heart beneath the surface of desire
Reflecting it in rhyme

This is the face of hatred and contempt
Given through this gift
The power to see mankind
For the shortcoming that it is

For the disappointment it has always been
For the moral failure it will ever and forever be
This is the Hidden One
Who lives in the shadows of her own creation

Flying witchery through every wall and window
Peering into the wicked heart of every soul
This is the evil eye--
The Face of Death

                                                The Storyteller - 2006