The Snows of February

A gifted female composer’s music achieves worldwide fame and fortune. The fifth glimpse into the life of composer Carmen Angelina Coletti, a prodigy who was taken out of school when she was twelve years old and isolated on her mother’s farm. Her bleak, apocalyptic story is a dark journey into the end of the age, and the disturbing truths that flourish in the shadows of cultured civility.

Years after her death, Carmen’s music is resurrected and introduced to the public by Ada Hirschman, a talented concert pianist frustrated into early retirement and despair. In the mansion home of Carmen’s widow Vera May Evans, the two women develop a powerful bond, as Vera suffers the pain of Carmen’s memory. In the snows of their winter tranquility, they are soon confronted by an evil that threatens their very lives, while the outside world is gripped by an apocalyptic shock over Carmen Coletti’s music—music that foreshadows the coming end of the world, at the twilight of human history.

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