The Siege of Corinthe

A female piano teacher molests young girls in a small town in eastern North Carolina. A bleak, lonely account from the end of the age, as told by Camilla Albright, best friend and secret lover of Asian piano teacher Cynthia Chen. Camilla’s story is the modern mother daughter dynamic unrestrained, and the truth of what churns beneath cultured civility.

After her daughter commits suicide at a community college in Corinthe, North Carolina, Camilla is confronted by the reality of her daughter’s childhood, and the real reasons that her daughter took her own life. An eighth grade teacher at Corinthe Jr. High School, Camilla and her best friend are plagued with guilt over who they are in the shadows, and the things they have done in private over the years. Told in disturbing detail, Camilla’s story is the voice of revelation, of the truths that lurk in the shadows of hypocrisy at the end of the world, deep into the twilight of human history.

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