The Road to Woodland

A teenage girl missing for twenty years returns home, looking the same age as when she left. A strange, ghostly glimpse into the life of sixteen year old Caley Littledove, who mysteriously returns to her parent's home one morning after two decades, having not aged a single day. Caley's account is a fascinating detour into the twilight of human history, as she struggles to come to grips with the impossible, and the inexplicable loss of twenty years come and gone.

A prisoner of a world slipped forward in time, Caley is haunted by the life of her adopted sister Angela Tao, who was raised in upper class family violence and secret tragedy. Caley's dark, uncompromising voice is heavy laden with latter day grief and revelation, and the apocalyptic shock of her unexplainable trip through time. Through the tragic life of her older sister (who was her younger sister twenty years before) Caley is forced to confront the truth of the modern mother daughter dynamic uncovered, and the depravities that lay hidden behind the privileged walls of cultured civility.

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