The Queen of the End of the World

A wealthy mother kills her eighteen year old daughter. A somber, brutal account of mother daughter perversion, as told by female police officer Jeanette Avery. Jeanette’s gloomy, apocalyptic voice is the modern mother daughter dynamic uncovered, and the secrets that flourish in the shadows of cultured civility.

Soon after Jeanette befriends a lonely, wealthy eighteen year old girl who is being abused by her mother, the girl is found dead in their mansion home, the victim of an apparent suicide. Though Jeanette suspects that the girl has been murdered, she is powerless to do anything to bring the right woman to justice. Haunted by the loss of the young girl, Jeanette is burdened in her spirit to avenge the girl’s death, and is soon plunged into the depths of upper class hypocrisy--the unbelievable things that are done in secret, at the end of this age of human history.

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