The Mountaineers

A beautiful young woman is a serial rapist and murderer of other women. A strange, disturbing account by a woman named Raven Moon, who takes out a lifetime of rage on unsuspecting young and older women. Her frustrated, often poetic voice is oddly restrained, with only the hint of a cold-blooded killer's insanity.

A survivor of extreme childhood abuse and neglect, Raven befriends female college professor Simone Cory and bank teller Chelsea Lynn Baxter, both survivors of similar chilhood trauma and cruelty. Isolated in Black Mountain, North Carolina, their friendship whirls into a perfect storm of rage and regret, as Raven lures the two women deeper into a secret life of kidnapping, rape and murder of wealthy, sophisticated suburban women. In a voice rich with dark truth and revelation, Raven uncovers a story of uncompromising evil, through lives burdened by a history of apocalyptic mother-daughter violence and tragedy.

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