The Monster

A disturbed twelve year old girl kills her abusive mother. A dark and poignant account of child rape and matricide, as told by thirteen year old Janey Reardon, who was briefly institutionalized for her mother's murder. Her brutally insightful voice is the portrait of mother-daughter perversion, and unbelievable behind closed doors depravity.

An object of suspicion and ridicule, Janey is sent to live with foster mother June Durning in Charlotte, North Carolina. The neglectful and indifferent suburban woman sends Janey to visit her sister in rural Madison, West Virginia, where Janey is met with the same apprehension and mistrust she has always known. Inspired by fear and a disturbed mind, Janey observes the woman and her two teenage daughters with alarming clarity, as she endures the intense drama in the home, while suffering the wrath and hatred from the woman's youngest daughter. A gripping, deeply disturbing memoir of apocalyptic family violence and tragedy.

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