The Legend of Marguerite

A mountain woman freezes to death in a winter snowstorm. A somber, ghostly account from the end of the age, as told by Lavinia Davenport, wealthy mother of teenage daughters Christina and Caitlyn Davenport. Lavinia’s lonely, tragic voice is the portrait of a woman struggling to cope with the mysterious death of her mother, while raising two teenage daughters in the heart of a wealthy suburb in the latter day.

After her mother’s bizarre, tragic death in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Lavinia is burdened by guilt from a lifetime of issues left unresolved. No longer able to cope with the pressures of her status seeking, social climbing lifestyle, Lavinia gathers her two daughters from their million dollar home in southern Vermont, driving them reluctantly to the mountains of Cherokee County, North Carolina. Lavinia and her daughters are forced to confront the ghosts of family depravities passed down, as they become prisoners of behind closed doors secrets uncovered. Their story is a disturbing glimpse at the modern mother daughter dynamic unrestrained, while they seek a reprieve from generations of the unspeakable, as prisoners of a depravity deeper…and darker than they have ever known.

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