The Graveyard of the Gods

* After killing her abusive husband, a woman is imprisoned on an asteroid several million miles from Earth. A bleak, somber account from the end of the age, as told by suburban mother Jennifer Saunders, mother of 13 year old Danielle Saunders. Jennifer’s vision is a glimpse at the realities that flourish in the shadows, and the rise of the unspeakable behind the walls of cultured civility.

Convicted of first degree murder, Jennifer becomes the first woman condemned to permanent exile from the planet earth. With nothing but the stars to keep her company, Jennifer retreats into memories of the little girl she left behind, and the tragedy of her own childhood in a small town in eastern North Carolina. No longer able to cope with her isolation, she draws strength from her daughter’s bygone spirit, when she receives something previously forbidden from back home, something that plunges her into a deeper nightmare, filling her with a greater fear and pain than she has ever known. Jennifer’s story uncovers the mind of Eve passed down from the beginning of time, to the modern mother daughter dynamic at the end of the world, on the eve of eschatology.

                                                                                                        Copyright © 2017
                                                                                                                           All rights reserved


* The author's childhood fascination with The Twilight Zone provided the  
   inspiration for this story. The novel is inspired by Rod Serling's "The Lonely,"   
   about a man falsely accused of murder, who was imprisoned on an asteroid 
   nine million miles from Earth.