Mysterious snowstorms threaten the entire earth’s population. A bleak and gloomy account from the end of the age, as told by seventeen year old Belinda Freeman, who was a child of ten when the strange, worldwide snowstorms first began. Belinda’s ominous, apocalyptic voice is the portrait of a young girl imprisoned by fear and impending doom.

Snowbound in their upscale community of Prosperity, Vermont, Belinda and her fifteen year old sister Amanda struggle to comfort their widowed mother, who is nearly broken by the years of end-of-the-world fear and grief. As the snow covered outside world prepares for icy devastation, Belinda and her family endure devastation and tragedy of their own, along with the arrival of their mother’s best friend Cheryl Ezman, who spirals both teenage girls into deep perversion and depravity. Belinda uncovers the unspeakable truths that often lie buried in the snow, while every corner of a winter Earth is slowly frozen by Winds of Eschatology

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