Resurrection Day

A policewoman in Roanoke, Virginia investigates the murder of a twelve year old girl. A dark, sensual story filled with mystery and intrigue, as told by Joanne Neely, best friend and live in lover of Roanoke policewoman Adrianna May. Joanne’s somber, disturbing account is the voice of endtime revelation, and the unbelievable truths that churn beneath cultured civility.

When Joanne’s sister Jolene Neely commits a mass murder and suicide at an Easter Sunday gathering at a church in Roanoke, Officer May is burdened again by the death of Jolene’s twelve year old daughter Brianne, who had been found dead in the woods a year before. As she reinvestigates Brianne Neely’s death, Adrianna is haunted by the girl’s ghostly memory, and the apocalyptic discovery of what is hidden behind the masks of church hypocrisy at the end of the age, on the eve of the twilight of human history.

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