Published Work

  • The Farm Girl's Opera (2012)
  • Autumn of the White Woods (2012)
  • Call of an Angry Blackbird (2012)
  • Apocalypse and Beyond (2012)
  • Roanoke River (2012)
  • The Epic (2012)
  • The Monster (2012)
  • The Passion Play (2012)
  • Snow (2012)
  • The Mountaineers (2012)
  • The Cherry Orchard (2012)
  • Jenny May (2012)
  • The Ark (2014)
  • A Rhapsody in Blue (2014)
  • The Road to Woodland (2015)
  • In the Company of Women (2015)
  • Venicia in the Cause of Aircraft (2015)
  • Jade (2015)
  • Ice (2015)
  • Migration (2016)
  • The Golden Girl of the Mist (2016)
  • Lula and the Red Dawn (2016)
  • Ghost Girl (2016)
  • The Legend of Marguerite (2017)
  • The Graveyard of the Gods (2017)
  • Luna (2017)
  • Ghosts and Dragons (2017)
  • The Siege of Corinthe (2017)
  • Resurrection Day (2017)
  • The Queen of the End of the World (2017)
  • Lucretia Gallo (2018)
  • Isabelle Gallo (2018)
  • Elizabeth Gallo (2018)
  • Maria Gallo (2018)
  • Alicia Gallo (2019)


Published in The Storyteller Magazine, Regina Williams, Editor


Elizabethan - Vol. 1:  The Book of Elizabeth (2012) 

1st Assembly

  • O Indian Summer
  • I Saw Death Far Away From Me
  • O Dreadful Serpent
  • The Angry Blackbird
  • What Fruitless Endeavor
  • Cast thy Name into the Sea

2nd Assembly

  • The Artists Pain
  • O Eternal Desperation
  • To My Beloved Angel
  • My Soul Hath Wrenched Free
  • What Glorious Days
  • At Last! What Strange World I'm In
  • My Spirit Bears Both Love and Sorrow

3rd Assembly

  • Isolated
  • Far Away--Over Distant Places
  • The Woman Looks Up from Her Mundane Duties
  • He was in a Good Mood This Morning
  • He's Changing
  • I Love Him

4th Assembly

  • Cold Autumn Breezes Begin to Blow
  • Days Come and Go
  • Through the Universe
  • Lost in the Field of Mountain Snow
  • Eternal Night and Sorrow Creeping
  • In Beauty They Walk the Ivy Path
  • Electric Trembling

5th Assembly

  • The Pirate Ship Rises in the East
  • At Last Thy Name is Known to Me!
  • My Spirit Doth Rejoice in Awe
  • My Soul Springs Forth the Truth of Ages
  • It Pains to Recollect 'tis True

6th Assembly

  • I Saw a City in the Clouds
  • I Did a Dance in the Dead Room
  • She Flung the Wicked Sword
  • A Spirit from Another Realm
  • The Queen Did Marvel Her Season of Death
  • Then the Hands Were Dripped with Blood and Gore
  • I Saw the Children on the Death Train

7th Assembly

  • In Misery He Hopes for a Better Life
  • A Monkey with a Gun
  • Accursed Fruit of My Mother's Tree
  • The Angel of Death Appeared in Dread

8th Assembly

  • I've Heard Them Sing of Sunny Days
  • The Queen of Happiness Ruled the Land
  • There's a Stidgey Widget in My Gidget
  • This Man Had Seen Two Score and Ten

9th Assembly

  • Two Souls Adrift in the Evil Land
  • A Woman Looked into a Mirror
  • Their Evil is Forever Hidden
  • The Red Fly Came By and Bye
  • I was Kept Outside the Promised Land
  • Violence Gripped These Women in Full

10th Assembly

  • Gone in Ever Waiting Soil
  • Life Has Burned a Hole in Me
  • What a Curious Sensation it Might Be
  • Birds Flew Under Cloak of Night

11th Assembly

  • From Whence Cometh Forth Your Grief and Sorrow
  • As a Woman Looked Helplessly from the Sky
  • In Ships from Space and Technology
  • Why Did the White Fish Swim to Me

12th Assembly

  • The Great Bull Calf Came Down from the Sky
  • What Glorious Day Can This Be
  • The Great Ship Lies Above the Waiting Soil
  • The Idols Gazed into the Yard

13th Assembly

  • I Wonder Where it is They Go
  • My Mind Doth Burn With My Heart's Pain
  • They Pinned Their Hopes to the UFO
  • As I Roamed the Halls of Luxury
  • No Language Breathed With Flair
  • What is This I Hear
  • Hello, Little World!
  • Chariots of Sweet Mercy are in My Sight
  • My Soul has Built a Defence Against the Cold
  • I Sing the Praise of a Rainy Day

14th Assembly

  • The Girl in Red (originally publ. in The Storyteller Magazine)
  • I Saw an Alien in the Skylight
  • Death Descended Upon Her Face
  • A Woman in White Drifted Through My Door
  • A Woman Claimed Knowledge of my History

15th Assembly

  • The Witch Told Her Daughter to Pick the Switch
  • How Does This Man Formulate His Plan
  • Upon a Time Long Ago, in a Land Beyond the Sea
  • The Color Veil Whirled Among the Stars
  • They Pledged Their Future To a Pentium God
  • A Woman of Beauty Set Misery Upon the Earth


16th Assembly
  • Heaven is What I See
  • I Chose Not This Profession
  • Withold Not Thy Blessing From This Unworthy Servant!
  • Fate Decides Over Reason
  • The Girls Were All Catty


17th Assembly

  • A Kitten With a Gun
  • Years Removed From Claws
  • I Glided to a Desert Place
  • I Curse the Witch Who Bore Me
  • I Searched the Ground
  • There is a Story to Be Told

18th Assembly
  • What is This I Feel
  • A Man Came to Me
  • The Words of Omission
  • Melodies Call From a Distant Place
  • Yellowed With the Dust of Years
  • I See It Passing Through
  • A Spring Tree in Waiting

19th Assembly

  • From the Distance
  • In This Hour of my Darkest Season
  • Melodies Resound the Great Music Hall
  • Joy Springs from Sorrow's Bosom
  • Azure Eyes of Bluest Sky
  • My Time Has Come
  • Answers Conceal the Blocks of Light

20th Assembly

  • Cruel Fate
  • When I Saw That the World was Gone
  • Perceptions Inspire Dreadful Fright
  • Wishes are Like Dreams
  • Black! You Never Wrote Me Back!

21st Assembly

  • Peace Can Find No Slumber
  • The Witness, the Prophet
  • We Followed the Golden Wheel
  • Some Thoughts Will Fade
  • I Despise This Immortal Life
  • All Hail!

22nd Assembly

  • A White Dragon Flew the Land of Dreams
  • Mercy Falls as Gentle Rain
  • Wisdom Planted the Grove of Trees
  • The Name Appears in the Bars of Music
  • Rising Above the Trees of Life
  • From in the Mists of High Above

23rd Assembly

  • From Out of the Golden Harvest Field
  • I Searched Far and Wide the Land of the Dead
  • A Woman Looked Into a Mirror
  • Breezes Kissed By Winter's Warning

24th Assembly

  • Devastation
  • Found Inside the House of White
  • High Above the Earth
  • Underneath Gray Skies
  • Rain

25th Assembly

  • He Never Asked to be Born
  • There is a Place Beyond Tomorrow's World
  • From the Clouds
  • When I See the Heart of Memory
  • Chidren of Light
  • Flowers

26th Assembly

  • Creatures, Made of Fur and Color
  • Resting Above Evening Vale
  • A Man Showed Me Above the City
  • On Our Blue Path Among the Stars

27th Assembly

  • The Poets!
  • One Born Under a Cloud
  • On the Trail of the Innocent
  • As the Flower in Golden Flame
  • There Are Points of Realization


Published in Elizabethan - Vol II:  The Book of Eve (2012)

28th Assembly

  • In Our Little World
  • High Above the Night Clouds
  • No Wisdom Can be Found
  • She Appeared to Me from Beyond the Dead

29th Assembly

  • Three Souls Adrift
  • A Poor Woman Took a Chauffeured Ride
  • Soul of Deepest Longing
  • The Power, I Fear, is Greatly Diminished
  • A Chirping Tone
  • At the Carnival

30th Assembly

  • When Memories of the Poison Flow
  • Beauty Lives in White and Lace
  • I Prayed to the Heavenly Father
  • Regret Filled His Heart With a Wish to Flee
  • Behind the White Cold Icy Door

31st Assembly

  • From the Clouds, a Crystal Falls to Earth
  • Flames Erupted in the House of Worship
  • Darkness Whirls from Clouds of Fury
  • The Man Chased the Woman Up the Stairs
  • On the Other Side of Rain
  • On the Night Train

32nd Assembly 

  • The Glory of Heaven is So Great
  • These Make the World an Evil Place to Live
  • A Voice Synchronized with the Ticking Clock
  • The World Will Listen to Any Slogan
  • From Beyond the Dead

33rd Assembly

  • His Colors are the Sky and the Sea
  • When Sorrow Has Been Touched
  • Blazing the Winter Like a Comet's Tail
  • Every Star Across the Night Sky is an Angel

34th Assembly

  • Illuminating the Need for the Redwood
  • Nothing Would Have Gone Fishing
  • Melodies Rise, Rhythms Fall
  • Now, Bowlers's Plane Has Been Crossed
  • Flying High Among the Elite

35th Assembly

  • In '91, When Mozart Died
  • Beware the Tiding of the Blue Sword
  • The Child was the Size of a Toddler Elf
  • Underneath the Color of Night
  • Her Friend Sat in a Courtroom Chair

36th Assembly

  • The Couple Left the Grocery Place
  • Firstfruits of Their Deliverance
  • Never Consult Familiar Spirits
  • As I Stand Beneath the Seven Sisters
  • Now, Snow Becomes the Death of Civility
  • Think of the Hell Thou Was Delivered From

37th Assembly

  • The Evening Day
  • Judgment Appears in a Dark'ned Sky
  • Among Heroes and Legends
  • Someday
  • An Ambulance Lifted From a Highway Cliff
  • Through a False Accusation

38th Assembly

  • When He Hits Me
  • On This Side of Prosperity
  • He Called His Sister On the Phone
  • The Cop Gave Us the Heebie Jeebies
  • The Clown Fell Down Upon the Ground
  • Corruption is Buried in the Human Heart
  • The Cathedral Voices Rose to a Glorious Clamour

39th Assembly

  • Even in the Halls of Poverty
  • A Little Boy Threw Water On the Poverty Bed
  • You Don't Know What it is You've Done
  • Yes, a Tree Grows in Brooklyn

40th Assembly

  • No Man Knoweth the Day
  • Earning it All Through Sweat and Tears
  • Poe and Dickinson Are These
  • The Only Thing That Could Be Said
  • Clothesline Wisdom Fades Through Dolly's Way

41st Assembly

  • Children
  • They Danced a Ballet in the Nebula Cloud
  • I Was Touched by the Ghost of a Little Boy
  • A Spirit Arisen From the Deep

42nd Assembly

  • A Country Crooner Showed the Song of Light
  • Lullabye, and Goodnight
  • Blot the Blight on the Paper
  • Bless the Dear Woman's Right to Choose

43rd Assembly

  • The Soap is Orange
  • Are Ghosts Angels
  • Calling for the April Rain
  • I asked the Man Behind the Counter
  • At Night, in the House of Poverty
  • Winds Drift Through Mournful Days

44th Assembly

  • It is the Pleasure of Kings
  • From the Hall of Kings
  • Rest Easy in Thy Grave
  • When I Close My Eyes
  • Confusion Rides the Train to Nowher
  • Revelation Cannot Be Denied

45th Assembly

  • Evil Lives Inside the Looking Glass
  • Six Have Changed the Modern World
  • Two Travelers on the Road of Life
  • Divas From Another Age

46th Assembly

  • On this Side of Freedom
  • There is an Ugliness About Me
  • Mysterious Harnonies Begin to Flow
  • I am Weary in this Life
  • In the Dark Place

47th Assembly

  • Men Have the Glory
  • I So Rarely See the Sky
  • May Heaven Forgive Us

48th Assembly

  • While Trimming the Tree on Christmas Eve
  • Streams of Consciousness
  • Violent Kisses Confound the Spirit
  • In the World of Broken Dreams

49th Assembly

  • I Want to Go Outside
  • Lightning Strikes My Nerves
  • Oboes Intertwined

50th Assembly

  • As They Begin a New Journey
  • I Met a Woman on a Train
  • Inside the House of Poverty
  • In the Halls of Learning

51st Assembly

  • Demons Call from the Highwire
  • A Duel Precipice
  • Don't Mess Around with the Cathador
  • Wallbacks Skim the Surface of Contempt
  • Help Laughter Win
  • BTW...69505

52nd Assembly

  • Caught in the Whirlwind of Melancholy
  • An Enemy to the Dispossessed
  • All of it is Better Than Saying
  • Why Are You Looking for Him

53rd Assembly

  • Crystals Sing
  • The Sign of His Coming
  • Children Playing
  • Guardian Angels

54th Assembly

  • Voices Arise from Below
  • The Name Rides on Winds of Ineffectiveness
  • Tilling Soil in the Poverty Field

55th Assembly

  • Twins Drift Evil Through the House
  • Phantoms from the Past Appear
  • Beware the Dead Man

56th Assembly

  • He Said, Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
  • Be a Knife Threat in Prison
  • Unforgettable Times
  • How is the Hootnanny Doing This

57th Assembly

  • God Will Blind Us
  • In the Theatre House
  • Don't Go in the Root Cellar
  • In the Church of Poverty
  • Inside the Ineffectual Car
  • The World Famous Idiotic
  • The Wife Came to my Poverty Room

58th Assembly

  • Choirs Sing Feeble Verses
  • Two Among the Privileged
  • Hope is a Nice Place to Visit
  • Spirits Speak in Lying Riddles

59th Assembly

  • The Clown Allegretto
  • You Bloody Bastian
  • Demons!
  • Voices Inside My Head
  • There's a Trick to It
  • Ghosts Sing Low
  • Is There a Message in the Birdsong


Published in Elizabethan - Vol. III: The Book of Mary (2012)

60th Assembly

  • Little Girls Have Powers
  • Devastation Booms From Skies of Fury
  • The Umpdillyicous Trail
  • Everwood Forever Would Be Burning

61st Assembly

  • Is She a Lesbian?
  • She Sits in Church With the Rest of Them
  • Morning is a Special Time
  • The Violin is a Witness to This
  • Shed a New Light On This Space in Time

62nd Assembly 

  • In the Land of the Dead
  • Evil Moves Across the Floor
  • When the Seed of Harvest is Sown
  • A Sudden Heavy Rainfall
  • Thunder Rolls Gently After the Rain
  • The Sound of Blessing Comes from the Clouds


 63rd Assembly

  • Little Robin Redbreast
  • Ghosts Threaten to Appear
  • She is the Flower, the Beautiful
  • She said "If You're Bothered By It"
  • It Pours From the Fountain of Life
  • Appleplumb Cake Baking in the Oven
  • How Do We Get Up and Out of This Young Adulthood?

64th Assembly

  • Say Goodbye Moon!
  • In the Soil of Life and Living
  • Jumping Around With the Trumpet
  • What World is This?


65th Assembly

  • The Sound of War Thunders Overhead
  • Somewhere in the Land of Dreams
  • Three Curtains of Silk
  • I asked Them to Help Me
  • Three Angels From Another Place
  • All of Us Are Guilty


66th Assembly

  • A Wife Burned In the Fire of Lust
  • A Drama Plays Out in the Stars
  • I Feel Trapped
  • Incogneto is the Way of the New Laureate
  • Things Like This Happen Because, Apparently...

67th Assembly

  • What City is She From
  • Gillian and Lillian
  • When It Comes Down to It
  • The Crowd Laughs

68th Assembly

  • He Sat Alone in His Room
  • Pain Pours From Clouds of Fury
  • "Say Goodbye Paula," was the Word
  • I Want a New Life
  • The Spirits Are Rebuked
  • Listen to the Music of the World
  • I Desire to See the Sky

69th Assembly

  • Two Little Spirits
  • She Woke Up in a Land of Plenty
  • At the End of the Grand Competition
  • He Gazed Upon a Fine Reflection
  • From the Mist of a Troubled Sleep
  • Whistling Messages From the Trees

70th Assembly

  • Speeding Towards the Land of the Dead
  • Along a Dark and Perilous Road
  • I Am Haunted By Death
  • The Race is Not Given to the Swift
  • She Woke Up From Her Sleeping Bed
  • You Have Died Today


71st Assembly

  • Little Girls Are A Glimpse of Heaven
  • It is Destiny
  • Never Pull a Truth From the Dobbin Tree
  • Treasure the Passage of Time
  • Fear and Pain Are All That I Have Known
  • There Must Be A Time to Rest

72nd Assembly

  • He Grabbed the Rattlesnake By the Tail
  • If They Reject You 90 Times
  • Ghosts Fade in From Horror's Way
  • Somewhere in the Grieving Land
  • Avarice Squeezes By On Beauty

73rd Assembly

  • Sons of the Men of Earth
  • Satan Could Terrify Us Beyond Description
  • Speeding the Abomination Trail
  • Gaze at the Plight of the Flightless Man
  • Thy Face Shines in the Cloud
  • Beauty Touched the Woman of Virtue

74th Assembly
  • She came To Me Under Cloak of Night
  • Melodies Brighten My Darkest Day
  • Be Wary of Dreams
  • Speeding Through the Land of the Dead
  • They Laughed To Ease Away the Pain


75th Assembly

  • Coins
  • Gods Play Games in the Rolling Blue
  • He Traded Away the Blue Chariot
  • When You Go Around the Red Corner


76th Assembly

  • Prevent Children From Self Indulgence
  • The Earth Itself May Be Under a Curse
  • For the Accursed, for Every Living Thing
  • In a Person's life, there are points of Clarity

77th Assembly

  • High Above the Coral Sea
  • Frustration Poisons the Soul With Bitterness
  • The Messengers Came to My Poverty Room
  • There Lived A Lady Named Maggie Cone


78th Assembly

  • Pain is a Mystery
  • Here Along the Ivory Shore
  • Three Women
  • He Watched His Wife Come Through the Door


79th Assembly

  • When the Lady Wails the Moonlit Night
  • It is the Place Where Insanity Lives
  • The Future is All That There Is
  • Intelligence Screams From Darkened Skies


80th Assembly

  • Even While Demons Mock Us
  • Evil Comes in Crimson Red
  • Strolling University Lane
  • Evil Floods the River Valley

81st Assembly

  • When She Realizes You Should Never Have Taken It
  • Walking Through the Grieving Land
  • Inside My House of Isolation
  • The Hopeless Wanders To and Fro


82nd Assembly

  • As Christ Our Lord was Born in a Stable
  • Weep Not for the Dead
  • If It's Not Broken
  • A Young Boy Drifted To My Room

83rd Assembly

  • If Beethoven is the God of Melody
  • In the Heart of Memory
  • Wickedness Abounds...


84th Assembly

  • I Rode Toward the Shores of Divinity
  • The Lack of Self Esteem Has Grown
  • Hiding Behind the Looking Glass
  • Walking Through the Land of the Dead
  • A Daughter Speeds Away in a Rocket Ship


85th Assembly

  • From Behind the Walls of Luxury
  • Deception Roams the World in Red
  • Somewhere in the Land of the Grieving
  • What is the Grieving Land?
  • Melancholy lives in Morning Fog


86th Assembly

  • Go Ahead, Free Yourself
  • Images Conspire
  • Technology
  • Hope Brightens a Dreary Day
  • Imagine a Tree of Royal Birth
  • I Climbed Atop the Tallest Tree

87th Assembly

  • Craving Each Other Broken and Weeping
  • Genius Interred at Interlaken
  • He is the Cruelest Thing in Creation
  • These Are Days of Innocence


88th Assembly

  • Green Girl, Green Girl
  • Stumbling in the Pouring Rain
  • Speeding Towards the City Lights
  • Nine Banded Ferocity

89th Assembly

  • Shall We Leave Behind Unloving Arms
  • They Built Their Future On a Rockland Tower
  • A Long Time Ago
  • Across the Landscape of Reason
  • In the Halls of Learning
  • As I Lay Still In My Grieving Bed
  • Her Ancestors Stood Tall and Grim


Elizabethan - Vol. IV: The Book of Sarah (2013)

Elizabethan - Vol. V: The Book of Sharon (2013)

Elizabethan - Vol. VI:  The Book of Suzanne (2013)

Elizabethan - Vol. VII:  The Book of Diana (2013)
Elizabethan - Vol. VIII: The Book of Vera (2014)

Elizabethan - Vol. IX: The Book of Annabelle (2014)

Elizabethan - Vol. X: The Book of Simone (2014)
Elizabethan - Vol. XI: The Book of
Emily (2014)

Elizabethan - Vol. XII: The Book of Raven

Published in Soulmate: Roanoke River Bride (2014)


  • My Soulmate Fades into a Memory
  • My Heart Lifts Across the Miles
  • My Soulmate Met Me in the Evening Day
  • Somewhere in My Heart, My Soulmate Lives
  • I Saw My Soulmate at the Door
  • My Helpmate Now Must Hold the Place
  • My Spirit is Full But My Soul is Empty
  • My Soulmate Rose Again from the East
  • She Came to Me in the Evening Day
  • I Felt My Soulmate in a Cooling Breeze
  • The Holy Spirit Showed Me My Soulmate Again
  • Peace and an Understanding Heart


  • My Soulmate Touched Me in the Evening Day
  • A Letter from My Soulmate Came in the Mail
  • I Wish That I Had Married My Soulmate
  • I Looked My Soulmate in the Eye Today
  • My Soulmate Walked With Me in the Moonlight
  • My Soulmate Walked With Me in the Evening Day
  • My Soulmate Lives in the Evening Day
  • I Saw My Soulmate Stroll the Field of Hay
  • My Soulmate Waits for Me Down East



  • My Soulmate Walked With Me in the Cold North Wind
  • My Soulmate Stood With Me in the Rain and Winter
  • My Soulmate Came to Me on Christmas Eve
  • My Soulmate Cruised the Dinner Trail With Me
  • My Soulmate Heard the Chiming of the Whistle Train
  • We Rolled to the Lights of Earthly Progression
  • My Soulmate and Me in the Heart of Creation
  • My Soulmate Lives in the Heart of Redemption
  • My Soulmate and Me Are One in Salvation
  • My Soulmate is Born Again to My Memory
  • My Soulmate Lives in My Hometown
  • My Soulmate Met Me on the Eastern Rim
  • My Soulmate Loves Me on the Western Rim

 The Bethesda Poems: Love Beyond the Homeless (2014)


Short Stories

Published in Elements Magazine, Bernard Washington, Editor

Published in The Storyteller Magazine, Regina Williams, Editor


Published in A Good Wife On the Eve of Dying (2012)

  • The Harvest
  • The First Lesson
  • Prophecy
  • The Composer
  • The Color of Roses
  • The Midnight Blue
  • Dreamchild
  • Blood
  • The Rage
  • A Good Wife On the Eve of Dying 
  • The Thieving Magpie
  • The Conversion
  • Twilight of the Spirits
  • Goodbye, Evil
  • Home


Poetry Collections

  • Elizabethan - Vol. I: The Book of Elizabeth (2012)  
  • Elizabethan - Vol. II:  The Book of Eve (2012)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. III: The Book of Mary (2013)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. IV: The Book of Sarah (2013)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. V: The Book of Sharon (2013)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. VI: The Book of Suzanne (2013)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. VII: The Book of Diana (2013)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. VIII: The Book of Vera (2014)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. IX: The Book of Annabelle (2014)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. X: The Book of Simone (2014)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. XI: The Book of Emily (2014)
  • Elizabethan - Vol. XII: The Book of Raven (2014)
  • Soulmate (2013)
  • The Bethesda Poems (2014)



Story Collections

  • A Good Wife On the Eve of Dying: Stories of Elizabeth Peele (2012)