ELIZABETHAN  Vol. 5  (The Book of Sharon)   
No. 641

On the Trail to Golgotha

Across the Poverty Field
The Crucifixion was known
Words, sights and sounds
Spread over infinity

Having seen the Messiah
With our own eyes
Having spoken to Him
One month before the shedding of His blood

He seemed to be the handsomest man who ever lived
Hidden underneath the whiskers
And the fasting
And the general stresses of His calling

I braved the field of Roman soldiers
On the day they nailed Him to the Cross
On the day his innocent blood was shed
For the sins of the world

But even while we wept and cried
For the pain He endured
We know that it was as He had foreseen
As He had foretold to us a month before

And I remembered on the trail to Golgotha
The fun I'd had when I looked into His eyes
One month before--
Saying, "You should keep the beard, Messiah"

In His countenance
In the burden of fasting and inner prayer--
There was a smile

                                                    The Storyteller - 2006