The largest bird migration in human history threatens the earth’s entire population. A nightmare vision from the end of the age, as told by wealthy divorcée Meredith Van Scoy, mother of 13-year-old Kathy Van Scoy. Meredith’s voice is the heart of apocalyptic doom, as displayed by nature in a whirlwind of chaos, and foretold by behind closed doors human behavior.

In an odyssey motivated by sheer terror, Meredith and her daughter leave the upscale community of Chappaqua, New York behind, driving halfway across the country to a sprawling, picturesque prairie farm in Payne County, Oklahoma, returning to the arms of her estranged and enigmatic mother. In a house heavy burdened by secrets, Meredith is haunted by events from her past, and a life of hidden depravity too deep to discuss with another living soul. In a world of gloom and fear, Meredith endures the return of the unspeakable, while a condemned population struggles with the rise of the impossible, and the beginning of the end of mankind on the face of the earth.

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