Marianna Gallo

A young Asian woman is pulled into deep perversion by her mother. An end of the world glimpse into the shadows of the human heart, as told by Dana Lynn Gallo, a young woman descended from generations of deadly female vampires. Dana’s bleak, apocalyptic voice shines a light in the dark corners of the human soul, and the unspeakable truths behind the façade, those that churn beneath cultured civility.

In a snowy mountain suburb of Greenbrier County, West Virginia, Dana Lynn’s lover Kako Sumikai and her mother Kay Lin descend deeper into a relationship that cannot be discussed with their peers. As their private perversion grows stronger behind closed doors, the two women are drawn deeper into a web of hidden mother daughter perversion in their upscale community, remarkably centered around female members of the Greenwood Church of Christ where they attend.

As the winds of eschatology blow the drifting snows over the Appalachian Mountains, Dana Lynn learns the depth of Kako’s depravity with her mother, warning the girl to go no further in what they have done, as Kako and her mother are propelled headlong toward impending tragedy, under the winter winds that move over the Appalachian forests of snow covered West Virginia.

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