After their mother commits suicide, two sisters are haunted by strange, ghostly happenings in their isolated country home. A bleak and sober memoir from the end of the age, as told by Katherine Hargrove, younger sister of Luna Hargrove. Katherine’s dreary, somber account is filled with dark revelation, and the unspeakable truths that flourish in the shadows of cultured civility.

Broken by the years of brutal memories, Katherine and Luna leave their suburban life behind after their mother’s death, retreating to an isolated country house in Martin County, North Carolina. Unable to escape the pain of their mother’s life and bitter suicide, the two sisters embrace their deep and passionate bond, abandoning public life for a life of seclusion and recovery. While hidden away in their small southern mansion home, the two women learn that they cannot escape the ghosts of misery, plunging them into an end of the world nightmare, and a struggle to maintain a grip on their sanity.

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