Lula and the Red Dawn

In 1883 Oklahoma, a female bounty hunter is the greatest rifle shot who ever lived. An honest and brutal account of sharpshooter Lula Belle Johnson, daughter of a U.S. Marshall, as told by her younger sister Annabelle Lee Johnson. Anna Lee’s vivid, poetic voice is a picture from the age of dust and death come and gone, and depravities born from the shadows of the human heart and soul.

Bound by revenge over her father’s death, Lula Belle becomes the most feared and notorious bounty hunter in American history. Her sister’s bleak, apocalyptic vision is filtered through her lonely, disturbing relationship with their mother, hidden on the windswept plains of the Oklahoma Prairie. Worn out from the years of wandering and vengeful killing, Lula Belle returns to the arms of her mother and sister, only to be met by brutality risen up from her past—an evil that seeks to destroy her, and the lives of the mother and sister she loves.

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