Lucretia Gallo

A teenage girl grows up to become a vampire. A dark, mysterious story set in the backwoods of Kentucky, as told by Dana Lynn Packard, daughter of a beautiful, deadly female vampire. Dana Lynn’s end of the world voice is the truth about what lurks in the shadows of the human heart, and the nightmares that haunt the darkest corners of the human soul.

At an all girl’s high school in LaRue County, Kentucky, Dana Lynn falls in love with the school beauty Bethany Blake, while dealing with the strange truth of what is happening to her inside. Haunted by memories of her mother’s bloodlust and violence, Dana Lynn copes with her growing attraction to Bethany, and the apocalyptic bloodlust growing in her own mind and body. Their story displays the inevitability of tragedy in the human experience, and the existence of one of the deadliest women in the history of mankind.

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