Kate Cop Land Alligo

The daughter of a world famous novelist is kidnapped while visiting Tokyo, Japan. Mother daughter secrets from the end of the age, as revealed by Kate Alligo, mother of missing 21 year old Alexis Alligo. Kate's bleak and mysterious voice is a revelation of the truths that flourish in the shadows, and the unspeakable acts that churn beneath cultured civility.

After her daughter has been missing for an entire year, crime novelist Kate "Cop Land" Alligo receives a brutal letter from an unknown source, tormenting the woman with claims that her daughter is alive. Kate retreats from the pain of this letter into the arms of her best friend and lover Leah Gladstone, the two women sharing a mutual bond of misery. As Leah suffers years of domestic  violence from her own mother Linda Gladstone, Kate struggles to survive the absence of her daughter, soon learning that the letter may be a dark, ghostly truth appearing in the autumn mist, in the rains over the Alligo Lighthouse at Roanoke Lake, Virginia.

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