A Japanese American woman is the greatest assassin in human history. A bleak, otherworldly account from the end of the age, as told by thirty nine year old Satari Sakara, a.k.a. Sarah Green, a wealthy suburban woman who is the world’s most gifted and unique assassin. Sarah’s grim and tragic voice is a warrior’s cry from deep within, and a disturbing portrait of human pain and suffering.

Raised in bitterness by her Japanese mother, Sarah uncovers a story of hidden, suburban depravity, descended through the generations of the Sakara family women. Sarah allows behind closed doors truth into the light, showing how it led her to become a merciless killer of shallow, upper class women and their daughters, the ones whom she deems most worthy to die. In a voice at times as sharp as a two edged sword, Sarah shines a light into the dark corners of the human spirit, while unveiling the details of her incredible journey from an innocent young Japanese girl in suburban Virginia, to an avenging angel of death, who swings her sword with the endtime wrath of God.

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