Isabelle Gallo 

A teenage girl copes with the realities of becoming a vampire. The second dark, terrifying glimpse from the end of the age, as told by Dana Lynn Gallo, daughter and grand daughter of two of the most dangerous women in the world. Dana Lynn's bleak, somber portrait of humanity is a picture in twilight and darkness, framed in loneliness, with regret for daily living.

After killing her female lover's wealthy, abusive mother, Dana Lynn must accept the truth of who she is, and what she must do to survive. Set in snow covered Appalachian mountain country, Dana's life is haunted by generations of apocalyptic bloodlust passed down, a curse descended from the forests and fields of the Italian countryside. Crushed by the weight of her dark life's calling, Dana seeks spiritual guidance from her Italian grandmother in the mountains of West Virginia, coming to terms with the truth of her ancestry, and her descent from one of the deadliest women in the history of mankind.

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