In the Company of Women

Two female vampires crave the blood of innocent young girls and women. A deeply disturbing glimpse at the darkest side of humanity, as told through the lives of Iris and Anya Greenwood, two women who live as a prosperous suburban married couple. Iris is the portrait of a woman tortured by dark instinct, held prisoner by a private lust and craving for the unspeakable.

Hidden in a wealthy suburb of Richmond, Virginia, Iris and Anya have accepted the fullness of who they are, and the terrifying acts they must perform in secret to survive. Burdened by generations of darkness and hidden depravity, Iris uncovers the depths of human evil exposed, and the reality of a natural, apocalyptic bloodlust passed down from mother to daughter. The Greenwood revelation is the truth of human hypocrisy unmasked, and the deadly corruption that often lurks unseen behind the walls of privilege, and behind the smiling faces of cultured civility.

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