A teenage girl has the power to create ice out of thin air. An icy warning from the end of the age, as spoken by Cynthia Auburn, mother of seventeen year old Miranda Auburn, a girl born with a unique and powerful ability to form ice and snow from the air around her. This bizarre, oftentimes disturbing reality is the voice of a mother held prisoner by the impossible, and the fearful truth of her daughter’s apocalyptic talent and skill.

In the working class suburb of Richland Hills, Virginia, Cynthia discovers that her daughter is literally a freak of nature, learning that her old fears about Miranda have finally come to pass. Their end-of-the-world story is a two fold revelation: first, of the modern Mother Daughter Dynamic uncovered, and the exploration of apocalyptic evil in the heart of latter day womanhood. And second, of what happens when that evil touches the soul of a real life ice queen with rage and vengeance, at the twilight of human history, on the eve of eschatology.

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