The Complete Poems of Elizabeth Peele

Vols. 1-12


Carmen Angelina Coletti was perhaps the greatest composer who ever lived. After her death, studies of her music revealed a body of work--almost exclusively instrumental--of such beauty and power as to defy description. Even so, her lifelong reclusiveness rendered them obsolete to the world, and these musical treasures may remain apart from public view forever.

Even those few who heard her original scores did so in quiet apprehension, that this beautiful widow--lost somewhere deep in North Carolina farming country--brought forth music as completely ingenius as any ever written before. The sounds of greatness flowing from this woman's piano, surely this is not meant to be! For what purpose can she truly serve as a neoclassical composer in a jaded modern world, except as a curiosity and eventually, a fountain of eternal exploitation?

But while music did serve as a profession for her since she was twelve--her only wage being a sound mind and spirit--there was still another expression, both private and unintentional, equally meant for her eyes only. Gathered posthumously, so few of these "assemblies" can be called unique or special, and likely cannot set her apart from any other lonely poet in the world. But still they live on, as a glimpse into the mind of a musical genius and abused woman of Faith. Written parallel to her music over the years--with no striving for greatness or immortality--these poetic trifles, ironically, may be the only compositions of hers the world will ever hear.

Vol. 1 - The Book of Elizabeth

Vol. 2 - The Book of Eve

Vol. 3 - The Book of Mary

Vol. 4 - The Book of Sarah

Vol. 5 - The Book of Sharon

Vol. 6 - The Book of Suzanne

Vol. 7 - The Book of Diana

Vol. 8 - The Book of Vera

Vol. 9 - The Book of Annabelle

Vol. 10 - The Book of Simone

Vol. 11 - The Book of Emily

Vol. 12 - The Book of Raven