Elizabeth Gallo

At a former women’s college in Poughkeepsie New York, a young woman accepts her place in the world as a vampire. A dark and stormy account from the end of the age, as told by Dana Lynn Gallo, a young woman descended from generations of female vampires. Dana Lynn’s bleak, operatic voice is a glimpse behind closed doors, into the mysterious and shadowy corners of latter day human history.

While a lonely freshman at Vassar College, Dana meets Japanese student Kako Sumikai, a young woman burdened by a lifetime of misery. Dana soon learns that Kako’s secret relationship with beautiful sorority queen Karen Peterson is touched by domestic violence and sexual abuse, with private incidents that rise to the level of rape. As her bond with Kako deepens, Dana learns the truth about how some young women are initiated into the largest sorority on campus, while coming to terms with her end of the world calling, and the truth that runs hot through her blood—passed down to her from a line of the deadliest women in the history of mankind.

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