Alicia Gallo

A female vampire searches for her female lover, unaware that she has been kidnapped and held prisoner. A bleak and fearful glimpse from the end of the age, as told by Dana Lynn Gallo, a beautiful and deadly vampiress from the backwoods of Kentucky. Dana Lynn's somber and dreary voice is as gray as the skies over rainy Appalachia, burdened by dark, sinister truths born in the shadows of modern reality.

While still a freshman at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, Dana Lynn discovers her lover Bethany Blake is missing from Wellesley College in Boston. After many days of uncertainty and denial, Dana at last embarks on a fearful search for the whereabouts of the love of her life, unprepared for the painful truth that churns beneath cultured civility at the end of the world, on the eve of the coming eschatology.

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