Alexandria Gallo

A female vampire is haunted by a ghost in the backwoods of Kentucky. A snowy, apocalyptic vision from the end of the age, as told by Dana Lynn Gallo, a young woman descended from generations of deadly female vampires. Dana’s bleak, wintry vision is a cold, truthful glimpse into the darkest shadows of the human heart and soul.

Seven years after the tragic death of her lover Kako Sumikai, Dana Lynn is haunted by strange happenings in her mansion home at the foot of the Appalachians in eastern Kentucky. Terrified by the recurring nightmares and ghostly events, Dana and her bride Bethany Blake seek answers from Isabelle Gallo, an ancestor hidden away in the mountains of West Virginia. In this snowy paradise in Appalachian high country, Dana discovers the depth of her calling at the end of this age of humanity, on her path to becoming one of the deadliest women in the history of mankind.

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