A Rhapsody in Blue

Seven white dragons begin to set the entire world on fire. A bleak, apocalyptic account of end-of-the-world devastation, as told from the mind of Carol Ann Oppenheimer, a wealthy suburban mother of twenty one year old daughter Meadow Oppenheimer. Carol Ann's somber, revealing account is a tragedy of unspeakable truth exposed, and deep, simple turmoil uncovered.

Hidden in their wealthy suburb south of Richmond, Virginia, Carol Ann and Meadow are bound by generations of mother daughter perversion, holding them captive in a private life that can never be discussed among their peers. Carol Ann's thoughts flow freely along the timeline, touching the lives of others who share in this apocalyptic secret from the end of this age of human history, while the world at large struggles to survive annihilation by fire, and the arrival of a storm of grief and eschatology.

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